Collosphaera Huxleyi, Müller DMO Trio Red

Garnets, recycled sterling silver, stainless steel
Electrolytic etch, hand formed
4.3 x 4.4 x 0.6 cm

Tension set garnets between three silver layers mimic natures scaffolding in this embodiment of Ernst Haeckel’s 1862 illustration of a microscopic radiolarian from the Strait of Messina. The reversible pendant reveals two different views inside the microscopic sea creature. Joined with stainless steel nuts and bolts as a nod to the affects of industrialization on even the smallest and deepest sea creatures.

Second place winner in 2016 ENDANGERED: Art for Apes juried exhibition wearable art category and exhibited with the exhibition during 2016 Art Basel Miami

Ernst Haeckel Drawing of Collosphaera Huxleyi Muller 1862
Collosphaera Huxleyi Muller Drawing by Ernst Haeckel 1862
Collosphaera Huxleyi, Müller DMO Trio Red Pendant