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Coral imprinted fine silver and C glass on sterling chain. Designed and created by Sherry Cordova. Stylename: Bora Bora
G Glass
Earrings. Coral imprinted fine silver on sterling silver hoops. Designed and created by Sherry Cordova. Stylename: Coraux
Fine Silver
24kt gold, 2.04 carat garnet and fine silver ring created by Sherry Cordova. Stylename: Colline
Rings designed by Sherry Cordova
Earring designs by Sherry Cordova
Necklaces designed by Sherry Cordova
Bracelets designed by Sherry Cordova
Custom jewelry designs by Sherry Cordova
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C Glass

A found piece of beach glass brought to mind a design for the first "C" glass necklace. C Glass was created in order to realize design ideas.

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A rock tumbler, hammer, and diamond tip drill bits are put to use on colored glass bottles in order to transform a family of shapes and colors in the mind's picture into a piece of jewelry. After two weeks in a rock tumbler, with frequent checks for fracture lines, sizes, shapes, and finish, the "C" glass pieces are rinsed off and arranged in designs. The jewelry is assembled with sterling silver solder, chains, and findings.

Often times found beach sea glass is incorporated into the final piece. The organic shapes of the broken and tumbled glass influence the designs.

Fine Silver

Fine silver is 99.9% pure, while sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver. Silver Art creations offer unlimited design opportunities. Read a description of the process to learn some of the fabrication possibilities.

Ring Designs

Choice of the fabrication method is based partially on the desired outcome and partially on the limitations of each process.

Organic materials are the starting point for the ring designs for both the fine silver metal clay and the sterling silver lost wax casting processes.

The organic material is shaped into a basic ring shape of different finger sizes and widths. Next the designs are produced on the rings using objects that create shapes and patterns. A rolling paper cutter, a wax pen, and rubber stamps are items that have been used in the past.

When precious, semi-precious, and synthetic stones are included in the design they must be planned for upfront as the fabrication method influences the results. Stone setting, final shaping, sanding, and polishing, are the final steps in the creation of each unique ring.

View more fabrication details at this link.

The Casting Process in Pictures
Animation of pictures of lost wax casting process for sterling silver.
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