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Organic materials are the starting point for designs when starting a sterling silver lost wax casting process. First the organic material is formed into a basic shape of the desired piece. If the jewelry piece is to be a ring, different finger sizes and widths must be considered. Surface designs are placed on, or embedded into, the organic material using objects that create shapes and patterns. A rolling paper cutter, a hot wax pen, and rubber stamps are viable methods.

The wax models are "sprued" up onto a wax tree for the next step. At the top left of the screen is a picture of many items sprued up into the form of a wax tree.

The organic material is "cast" into a material called "investment" which has the consistency of pancake batter at first but hardens up to a solid very quickly. A furnace is used to "burn out" the organic material and leave only it's impression in the solid investment material within the flask.

The flask is placed into a centrifuge and molten metal is slung into the voids left by the burned out organic material. At the top of the page are pictures of the metal being melted into a crucible inside the centrifuge and the centrifuge spinning. Also shown are the flasks inside the oven. Look closely to see that the centrifuge spins.

When cooled, the unfinished jewelry pieces are sawed or cut from the "tree". Filing, sanding, and polishing, and stone setting are the final steps.

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