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The artist with a turtle, and grey tip and black tip reef sharks in Moorea.. Photo by Olivier.
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BoraBora 2003. Photo by Sherry CordovaCocos Island Costa Rica 1999. Photo by Sherry CordovaKauai 2002. Photo by Sherry CordovaMendocino 2002. Photo by Sherry Cordova
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Sensations from my travels around the world are incorporated into pieces as the main inspiration. Many pieces are inspired from the peaceful, fragile, and varied beauty found in my explorations beneath the world's seas.

I return home from a trip anxious to turn the impressions of the cities, and of the coral into jewelry to wear and share. Each piece of finished jewelry elicits an acute remembrance of a trip. The Oceanic pieces are often created with a unique technique I’ve developed to adorn recycled glass with fine silver.

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Maldivian Air leaving for Filitheyo in 2002. Photo by Sherry Cordova.The Maldives by air, 2002. Photo by Sherry Cordova.Juvenile whale shark 26 miles off the coast of Belize. 2000. Photo by Sherry Cordova.Harbor. Nice. 2003. . Photo by Sherry Cordova.Half Dome. Yosemite. 2002. . Photo by Sherry Cordova.
Owasa, New Zealand. 2000. . Photo by Sherry Cordova.View from the Carmel Highlands. 2002. Photo by Sherry Cordova.Chuuk. Micronesia. 2001. Photo by Sherry Cordova.Arawak canoes in process of being built. Dominica. 1999. Photo by Sherry Cordova.Vieux Nice. 2003. Photo by Sherry Cordova.
Exposition Palace. Sevilla. 2002. Photo by Sherry Cordova.Tulip statues. Eindhoven, Netherlands. 2003. Photo by Sherry Cordova.Maison Clemente. Martinique. 2004. Photo by Sherry Cordova.Martinique. 2004. . Photo by Sherry Cordova.Maison Clemente.2004. Photo by Sherry Cordova.
Hapuna Beach, Hawaii. 2001. Photo by Sherry Cordova.Moss Beach Marine Reserve. 2001. Photo by Sherry Cordova.Hapuna Beach, Hawaii. 2001. Photo by Sherry Cordova.Lifeguard stand, Santa Cruz, CA. 2003. Photo by Sherry Cordova.Chuuk. 2001. Photo by Sherry Cordova.
                                             Underwater photo of artist by Olivier de Tahiti. Scenic photos by Sherry Cordova

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