My art is an expression of gratitude to the ocean and my way of giving it a voice. Each individually designed piece is fabricated by hand with recycled metal.

I love the sea and understand the desire for mementos and jewelry which evoke vivid memories of beautiful scenes and experiences. I have witnessed the fragility of marine ecosystems while SCUBA diving. My designs evoke the marvels of marine life and my underwater memories while leaving sea creatures and the seaside untouched.

Each piece of art jewelry is unique.

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New Designs

Snowflake Coral Series

The idea for a snowflake coral series came to me as I was observing the invasive coral species while SCUBA diving in the Hawaiian Islands. The earring designs began as hand drawings. The digitized drawings were converted into CAD drawings and sent to a local sheet metal shop to be fiber laser cut into sheets of sterling silver. Laser technology for the shiny highly conductive metal was a hurdle jumped with the help of the sheet metal shop team and the research department of a global laser equipment company. The earrings were hand built and hand finished.
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Snowflake Coral is one species of coral that might survive and thrive in the ocean while other species struggle. Snowflake Coral polyps travel around the world in ship bilges. When the ship docks, polyps leave the bilge with the sea water and attach to the local reef, build colonies, and send out more polyps. The newly colonized shores frequently have no Snowflake Coral predators, such as the Hawaiian islands of Lanai’i and Hawai’i where I witnessed the coral.

How and why the sea and it’s creatures change is important for me to voice in my art. Humans deconstruct nature to figure it out. Corporations rebuild nature as genetically modified organisms. Plastics and other contaminants in our oceans lead to genetic mutations. My snowflake coral designs are modifications of the organisms deconstructed into flat layers of recycled sterling silver. Reconstructed with industrially produced stainless steel screws and nuts, my snowflake coral earrings are wearable portrayals of stories within our oceans. Suede and hide scraps from a local purse maker add eye catching color.

Awards & Recognition

Finalist in the Silver Category of the 2007 Saul Bell International Design Award Competition for “Modern Frills” pendant / brooch

Second place winner in 2016 ENDANGERED: Art for Apes juried exhibition wearable art category for “Collosphaera Huxleyi, Müller, DMO Trio Red” pendant / brooch

Upcoming Exhibitions

Stay Tuned

More gallery exhibits are on the horizon. In the meantime, enjoy the “Appropriated Adornment” online exhibition